Welcome to the Cirus Ambassador Program

Earn crypto by referring Cirus to your network.

How it works?

  • Sign-up with your referral link.
  • Become an ambassador and start referring new members.
  • View your earnings on your dashboard.
  • Connect with the Cirus Web Wallet to redeem.
  • Enter the world of WEB3.

What is Surf & Earn?

With the Cirus Web extension, you can finally take ownership of your valuable digital asset - Data.

For too long, big data has only been captured and monetized by big tech companies. It’s time to bring value back to the rightful owner - YOU.

Big Data = Big Dollars!

The Big Data industry has grown to over 1 trillion dollars and is now considered the new oil.

As we continuously go into all things digital, the market for data is booming. The problem though, the creators of the data - you, myself and Joe earn a fat zero!

That is about to change.


The emergence of blockchain and crypto finally enable us to take back ownership.

As WEB3 has just begun, the time is now to dive deep into a new found industry. Earn in ways never seen before.

You’re already doing it. Now get paid for it.

Sign up with zero fee and be a part of the revolution.

Start making Crypto now!

There is no up front fee to join the Ambassador Program.
We pay for all of the people who you refer.